Platform for 3D Object Sharing

Many pictures and videos have been shared on the Web. Those are possible to easily find what you need by using a search engine. The spread of 3D printer, 3D objects are also expected to be shared in the same manner. However, unlike pictures and videos, 3D objects have a problem that the appearance changes by rotation and zoom operations. So that, the addition of annotations considering the viewpoint position is required for shared 3D objects. We focus on those of 3D objects with the camera viewpoint in this work and implemented a prototype of the annotation sharing system of 3D objects with location-aware annotations. It can put annotations on a 3D object with location information and display them properly according to the current viewpoint of the object.

We also implemented the synchronization mechanism for 3D objects based on Publish/Subscribe model. This mechanism is realized by publishing the viewpoint position when it has been changed by rotation and zoom operations. It is scalable because it is a non-blocking operation. Moreover it is low-cost in its implementation and is light-weight in its execution because clients run on Web browsers. It is, for example, useful for teleconference in medical practice to discuss on an operative procedure using 3D objects of internal organs.

We are going to implement additional functions e.g., cooporative editing, etc., without loosing scalability and realize an integrated platform for 3D objects.