Welcome to Research Unit in Dependable Distributed Systems

RUDDS, stands for the Research Unit in Dependable Distributed Systems, is as a part of the Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, Kyoto Sangyo University (KSU). The activities of the unit include the research on dependable systems, algorithms, overlay networks and their implementation and performance analysis.

We also have been developing the ϕ Accrual Failure Detector (see the original paper) which is used in Cassandra(see here), Akka (see here), fluentd, Node.js (see here).

We are welcome to contact us if you are interested in our research.

Master (M.S.) and Ph.D. programs are available

Graduate School of Frontier Informatics will start to provide the English-based program for Master degree from next April. Students can take classes for the degree without Japanese skill. We are accepting applications for the Master program. For further information and question, please email to cse-request __at__ cse.kyoto-su.ac.jp.

Graduate School of Frontier Informatics in Kyoto Sangyo University offers Ph.D course in Informatics. It is designed to give you extensive expertise in a research area. Please see the link for more details.

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